About Business Marketing LLC

First and foremost, Business Marketing llc is a company that is focused on achieving the marketing goals of our valued clients. We are a customer comes first company, our customer’s satisfaction and success is paramount.
How many companies are there offering the same or similar services to ours? Lots, more than we can count. Are we the best? There’s no way to know, to actually quantify that, but if we had to guess, mathematically speaking…. probably not. Do our customers like/love us? Yes they do, some think we are pretty darn special.
Do you remember the Avis No. 2 campaign? “We’re #2, We Try Harder.” That’s always been our mindset, we know we need to work as hard and smart for our customers as possible to do whatever it takes to keep them happy. If we don’t someone else will.
Does that mean we’re a slave to our customers every whim? No, not at all. We only work with companies that view us as partners, not underlings. We’re too good, too smart, too valuable to ever allow our staff to be treated differently, and after working with us our customers know this.
Do we take on any and all projects? No we don’t. There are too many exciting projects out there with passionate owners pushing for greatness to ever get involved with any firm that isn’t. We love working with passionate people, it makes our time together fun, and creates an environment for creativity to blossom. And as a result our customers get the product and results they desire and deserve, and we get the satisfaction of a great project and the big fat paycheck that comes along with it :)
If you and/or your company have an idea for a new online business, or need SEO Services to market one properly, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to take a few minutes to hear your story allowing you the opportunity to sell us on the idea that we need to work together on something great.
Customers Love Us, Competitors Respect Us!
they really like us

We are asked from time to time what sets us apart? With a plethora of firms out there claiming to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, what makes Business Marketing LLC and our various companies like BrightSky Web Design different?

We like to think that talented, experienced web designers working with front and backend web programmers in conjunction with a team of internet marketing specialists makes us different… and it does. Not all of our so-called competitors have the team in place to take on more than the most basic of projects. We can and we do.

Now, that’s all great stuff you may be thinking to yourself, but is there anything else? Okay, now let us get to the heart of the matter of why when it comes to internet marketing and website design services we go the extra mile and here’s how.

If we take on your project it is only after much thought and consideration. Can we passionately work on this and give it our all? Do we feel that the your company, our client, is as engaged and excited about the project and determined as we will be? Can we make a difference? Do we honestly feel like we have the talents and experience to make this new site or marketing program a success?

This is just a snapshot of a slew of things we ask and question before we accept any new assignment. Once engaged is where we really shine and the Big Difference of Why to Hire Us compared to others becomes evident.

“We truly care about our clients, their goals, plans, and dreams and we will give it all we have to make our part of the project a smashing success!”

Give us a call to set up a time when we can speak with you about your project and let’s discover if there is that special energy that begins to bubble up as we do.

All of us at Business Marketing LLC would love the opportunity to serve you.