BrightSky Web Design – New site(s) launch

by bizmarket on April 25, 2012

is cranking out new sites daily! “We are on fire” reports Grant Burhans, president of Business Marketing LLC. “We’ve hit our stride and have discovered what our customers are looking for and are excited to work with such talented designers and passionate customers.”

Just this week two new sites have launched:

Both sites are a part of the BrightSky Web Design group with more sites being designed and readied for launch. According to Mr. Burhans more than 2,000 sites are planned for the next year, nationwide targets in our sites.

If your firm is looking for a new website or need help getting an existing site to perform at the level you have been needing, then call the talented people at BrightSky Web Design to discuss where you are and where you want to be.


B&B Auto Body Site making great progress

by bizmarket on January 11, 2012

B&B Auto Body Works

Just a quick heads up friends. We are within days of going Live with making some last minute tweaks and edits and voila we’ll be ready. Working on photos today, new text was added yesterday and then onto final SEO inclusions.

If you have a minute go by the site, check it out and send them a message complimenting them on their great new website.


Quality Website Design Is No Longer An Option

by bizmarket on November 15, 2011

In today’s highly competitive business environment, a solid online presence is essential. People are increasingly turning to the World Wide Web to find providers of goods and services, and thus it is now more important than ever for companies to maintain a quality website. Modern consumers are deeply attuned to the appearance and functionality of websites they frequent, and thus are more likely to turn away from websites that aren’t professionally designed.

A quality website instills confidence in visitors and serves as lead generation platform. Websites must be kept current in order to be appealing. A quality website has the potential to increase market share and solidify a company’s position as a market leader, while a poorly designed website will result in the opposite effect. Quality website design is something that business owners cannot afford to ignore, regardless of their chosen industry.

Professional web design involves aesthetics and marketability. At BrightSky Web Design, we focus on creating solutions for companies that want to establish a professional and trustworthy online presence. A visually appealing website is only part of the process; the website marketing process is also crucial. With the right website marketing strategy, a company will be highly visible to Internet users looking for information on products and services. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM) are two of the services we use to realize the full online potential of a company. We also specialize on e-commerce solutions such as brand management, link building and social media marketing that set companies apart from their competitors.

The realm of online social networking has brought about a paradigm shift in online marketing. Social media marketing can either make or break a business. Companies should strongly consider cultivating a favorable social media presence, something that BrightSky Web Design takes very seriously. The major social networking platforms are teeming with business prospects who wish to engage directly with companies, but only if the interaction is meaningful. Many companies that have a social media presence fail to unleash its full potential. Prospects are easy to come by in social media; converting them to loyal customers is a different story. BrightSky Web Design understands the many nuances of the social media marketplace.

Internet users have come to expect quality websites. Our experienced and skilled website design team can help businesses stand out online by revamping existing websites or creating new quality sites from scratch. Maintaining and updating a website is also indispensable, and to that extent BrightSky Web Design can ensure that a company’s online identity is always fresh and current.

The Most Important Aspects of Website Design

by bizmarket on November 15, 2011

Having a website can be a boon to any business, but the benefits of that website will never be fully realized without a user-friendly design. Website design is a tricky business, requiring artistic vision and technical skill, but putting effort into the process is not a wasted effort. There are three major points to consider when putting together a website, vital aspects that should be kept in mind and discussed openly with your web designer.

1. Navigation
Above all else, a website should be easy to navigate. Fabulous graphics and great content are pointless if they’re hard to find or get lost in the clutter. Help your web design specialists by laying out all the information you want to include on your website in an organized, logical fashion. Make sure a search function, contact information, and a “home” button are all included in easy-to-find areas.

2. Layout
After the information is organized, a great layout should be next. Include your logo and let your website design specialist know what you’re looking for, but don’t be afraid to let him or her have some free reign for artistic vision. Just make sure that the website looks and feels the way you would want a brick-and-mortar version of your business to. Don’t try to include too many ads and make sure they never overpower your content. A specialist that is well-versed in graphic design and aesthetics can help find a good balance.

3. Content
Users on the internet are looking for information, so a website should be able to give them what they’re looking for, without excessive searching. Your web content needs to be relevant, valuable, and, of course, flawlessly written. Content, all though not visual, is still a vital aspect of web design that needs to be carefully considered as part of the overall plan. Work closely with your specialist to make sure your content is integrated well into the layout of a site.

Designing a great website takes work, but with some forethought and a great specialist, yours can shine. For more information on design services, contact Bright Sky Web Design today.

Becoming a leader in any industry today requires a strong internet marketing presence. It is especially important to reach out to consumers via social marketing with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Over 50% of the internet users in the world have a Facebook account and tapping into that market is an invaluable resource.

Facebook and Twitter have been proven to not only drive new customers to businesses around the world, but also to improve the business image and marketing share of those companies who have fully embraced social marketing. Engaging current and potentially new customers on a website that they already visit daily makes your message sink in more easily. For example, Facebook users are used to seeing status updates from their friends and the pages that they’ve liked. Once you’ve gotten them to click the like button on your page, all of your company’s updates will automatically flow into their timeline. This integrates your company’s message into their lives in a much more immediate and personal way than traditional forms of advertising.

Simply driving customers to your Facebook or Twitter page isn’t enough; each page needs to have engaging content and a unique look and feel. This is where bringing in a professional internet marketing team becomes invaluable. It is also critical to ensure that any pre-existing web presence about your company becomes updated to help direct customers to your social marketing pages. Most people will not visit a company’s website on a regular basis, so getting them to connect with your Facebook or Twitter page is the best method for retaining them as a customer.

BrightSky Web Design has been a leader among all web design firms since 2004. We are uniquely positioned to handle all of your online marketing needs as we have multiple divisions available to assist you. From the design and upkeep of your company website, all the way to maintaining your social networking accounts, BrightSky’s skilled technicians are ready and able to help you successfully conquer the world of internet marketing. Let us design the perfect social networking package to compliment your website today and then sit back and watch as your customer base continues to grow!

Benefits of Internet Marketing and SEO

by bizmarket November 15, 2011 Business Marketing

More and more companies are turning to Internet marketing to help build their business. With so many people using the Internet in all aspects of their daily lives, companies without an Internet presence are losing more customers every day. Internet marketing has many potential benefits for the savvy business owner. One of the biggest obstacles […]

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Now Hiring! The team is being assembled.

by bizmarket May 22, 2011 Business Marketing

After much time and effort the new team is finally being assembled. Don’t want to go into too much detail, trade secrets and all, but are we ever excited to get this underway. We have searched far and wide for the best web designers, web programmers, graphic artists, illustrators, researchers, writers to join our team. […]

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by bizmarket March 21, 2011 Business Marketing

Business Marketing llc is proud to announce that our most recent e-commerce project, is live and open for business. This site is dedicated to the marketing of natural wood, custom “hand made” scrolls, corbels and outlookers. Up0n completion of the site we were hired to handle all of the marketing and seo responsibilities. This […]

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Making progress

by bizmarket March 9, 2011 Business Marketing

We wanted to give everyone a quick update as to how we are doing, and to what progress we are making. From the look of the site it appears not much is happening. To the contrary. We have been working ourselves to the bone, burning it from both ends as some would say, and lots […]

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Business Marketing LLC – RFP

by bizmarket February 13, 2011 Business Marketing

As many of you already know, Business Marketing LLC, is preparing to launch. All of the legal and corporate stuff has been done and now to get the website launched and designed. We set up the site on our servers today, and will be busy over the next week or so getting all the design […]

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