Can you imagine a business without a Facebook page? Can you imagine looking for a dentist, hardware, mall, restaurant, or boutique, and not finding it on Facebook? If you can’t find a business on Facebook, it is either of these two things: it is not optimized for Lakeland business marketing and it is not a legitimate company.

Sign Up

Of course, the first thing you have to do is to sign up for a Facebook page. You can add a page to your personal account. Don’t worry since it will be a completely different page. You just want the control over it. Select the type of business you are in. Fill up the rest of the form, including business information and business category.

Add Photos

You will need to add a profile photo and cover photo. Make sure that both of these photos will boost awareness about your brand. Try not to use a generic-looking photo or logo. You want your audience to remember your brand when they see the profile photo and cover photo. That’s what you should aim for when you choose images for it.

Create a Username

The username is a vanity URL. It’s how people will find you on Facebook. It can be as long as 50 characters but don’t use special characters just because you can. You want people to easily remember your username. So, if your business is named Stardust Diner and Café, your username should be @stardustdinerandcafe. That’s how simple it should be.

Add Business Details

Next, add your business details to your page. This will include your operating hours, menu, description of the business, categories you belong to, contact information, location, and extra options. This is the most important part of your Facebook page because it tells the customers all the information they need to know about you.

Write Your Story

Tell a story about your business. How did it start? Why did you start it? Customers love to know how your store came to be. This is the space for you to tell that story.

Create Posts

Start creating your first post. What’s a good first post? Introduce who you are and what you do. Maybe a sneak-peek post can pique the attention of your audience. Tell them what is in store for them when they follow your page. Make your first post as interesting as possible.

Publish and Share Your Page

Finally, it’s time to publish your page. Share it with your friends. Ask them to share it on their own newsfeeds. Gather as many followers as you can, but specifically reach out to your target audience. If there’s any Lakeland business marketing strategy worth investing in, it is generating as many leads as you can.