Every business needs a video to raise brand awareness, reach out to their target market, and explain the benefits of their products and services. But not all businesses are willing to take the leap and invest in making videos as part of their Lakeland business marketing strategy. Why is that? Why are people inherently against the idea of producing videos for their business?

Aside from the budget, most businesses are not aware that when marketers talk about videos, it’s not about a big ad on television or the internet. These short and simple videos intend to create awareness about your business. You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to produce these kinds of videos.

Explainer Videos

This type of video explains what your products and services do. It intends to show potential customers why they need your products and why they should take the plunge and invest in them. Explainer videos will make your business seem more legitimate. They are professional, but they are also entertaining.

For most of your customers, this is their first interaction with your business. This explainer is the first time they’ll learn about what you do, so make the video count. Don’t waste precious viewing hours. When people view your video, make sure the content of the video will impress them.

Testimonial Videos

Do you know that majority of your customers won’t even take a second look at your business unless someone tells them to? That someone is a friend, a family member, a work colleague, or an acquaintance. People love to check out new businesses, but not if someone throws them off their plans. What are the kinds of comments your business is receiving from your past customers?

Look for your loyal customers and find out if they are willing to make a testimonial video for your website. Make sure not to coach the customers about what they need to say about your products and services. You don’t want the testimonial video to feel rehearsed. You want it to be as real and organic as possible.

Company Story

Another thing you need to learn about Lakeland business marketing is how to humanize your business. Companies seem formal and too stiff for many customers. The only way for that impression to die down is for customers to see the business as something personal, too. There are people behind the business. Actual people are running the business and making a living out of it. That’s something that will resonate with your audience.