Many people think that traditional marketing is dead. The truth is that even during the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional marketing is very much alive. People still watch television and listen to the radio. They still make purchases in grocery stores and malls. As long as people are still out there, traditional marketing will never go away. And isn’t it more beneficial for a business to use both digital and traditional platforms of Lakeland business marketing?

Direct Marketing

Email advertising and SMS marketing are considered traditional marketing because they fall under direct marketing. It means reaching out directly to your customers. Over the past months, you’ve probably received numerous SMS messages telling you about promos and discounts. That’s part of traditional marketing. Have you done that with your business, too? Reach out to your customers not only to offer good promos and discounts but also to ask how they are doing during this time.


In some ways, we have probably seen the last of print media. The pandemic forced many newspapers and magazines to close down. But in terms of business, print is still a viable marketing option. You can still use printed visuals on your ads. You can publish those ads in a local magazine or your business cards. The ads can also run in the local newspaper, as well as posted on bulletin boards in community centers and universities. If you can afford to run the ads on the national level, then all the better.


Who said radio is dead? It has evolved, but it is not dead. The podcasts you love so much are based on the radio. Sure, they don’t use radio frequencies, but the format they follow is patterned after a radio program. The AM/FM radio still has its audience. You can reach older generations who do not take kindly to the internet. But if you decide to use radio to market your business, make sure to run your ads during peak hours—early in the morning or when people are driving back home from work.

Customer Feedback

Feedback and reviews are the oldest forms of marketing. By word-of-mouth recommendations, you can gain more of your target audience. You can use customer feedback on your traditional marketing materials, too. You can print these reviews on your posters and flyers. These are still effective at convincing your audience to try out what your business offers.

Traditional marketing may have taken a step back because of digital marketing, but this does not mean that this Lakeland business marketing technique cannot do its part in promoting your business. It’s still an effective strategy if you know how to use it effectively.