We’ve already seen how Lakeland business marketing changed overnight. From making sales, companies are now focused on merely retaining customers. They can’t lose the clientele they have built over the years. But what happens now? How can marketers remain competitive amid an insecure economy and a populace that’s wary of the enduring pandemic?

Provide Value

Businesses need to prove their value to their customers once more. They need to prove that they are worthy of the money they spend on them. The pressure is even greater on Lakeland business marketing agencies who manage these accounts. There’s an increasing pressure to deliver and generate leads since the Covid-19 outbreak.

More than half of marketing agencies experienced deep budget cuts owing to the pandemic. They have to work with these budgets while proving the value of their work to their clients. Businesses, of course, are not saved from this predicament as they work on proving to their customers that even during these uncertain times, they rightfully deserve their loyalty.

Be Adaptable

Many marketers started highlighting the importance of being flexible when it comes to changes, especially at these uncertain times. Businesses must be prepared in advance to make the necessary adjustments when there are difficult situations. Instead of avoiding these circumstances, businesses should already produce a ready plan to respond to calamities, pandemics, and the like.

At the same time, businesses need the tools to move fast when the time is right. They shouldn’t lag because this will leave them scrapping for what’s left of other companies’ clients.

Transform Digitally

The pandemic forced many businesses to transition to digital platforms. If you are not doing it right now, you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities. Since the pandemic, more than 80% of the marketing budget is rerouted to digital channels, with digital advertising and search engine marketing making up 22%, social marketing 11.3%, and website management 10.4%.

The shift to e-commerce will likely be permanent, marketers believe. Retailers will use a direct marketing approach, reducing the need to hire marketing agencies. Online marketing and even subscription boxes will be essential to all forms of campaigns. Brands will need to directly compete with each other for a slice of the market.

Mix Old and New Marketing

Now that some face-to-face gatherings and meetings are allowed, businesses have to mix traditional and modern marketing methods. Although they can still work remotely and from their homes because of the rise of digital transformation and platforms, they can also mix it up with traditional Lakeland business marketing practices.