Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses, it came with economic opportunities, too. The pandemic led to a shift in demand, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) community. Many businesses had to close their physical stores and move online. That means that they have less storage space than before. A lot also have to close permanently, which presents an even bigger problem for the industry as they have the supplies but not the clients. Thankfully, Lakeland business marketing has always been great at adjusting itself.

Refresh Your Website

In the pre-pandemic times, businesses need a clean and professional-looking office to attract clients. They need a nice window display, especially around holidays. That’s for business-to-consumers. B2B marketing has always been a little different; a little on the traditional marketing strategy of word-of-mouth recommendations and lengthy letters of offer. During the pandemic, what was only possible is to reach out to your target market digitally, which means websites, emails, and social media sites. This is high time for you to refresh and redesign your website.

Transfer to Digital Meetings

In B2B marketing, one of the most effective methods to get new clients is to send sales representatives to their offices to make a pitch. This isn’t likely today since people are not too keen on face-to-face meetings. That does not mean that you have to stop pitching and offering to these businesses. The venues just changed. The meetings are happening online through Zoom and Skype. Ensure your clients that you still value doing business with them by scheduling teleconferences to support them during this time, or to attract new clients.

Organize Events Online

You used to be so good at industry events before. However, many of your potential clients are still not willing to walk into a packed business conference room or a cool industry exhibit, and rightfully so. The pandemic is still a reality. You can instead host webinars and other virtual events to take the place of trade exhibits. These events are still a prime opportunity to connect with potential clients and partners.

Implement Video Marketing

Since you cannot show potential clients around your warehouse or factory, all you have now is the opportunity to make video marketing a part of your overall Lakeland business marketing strategy. It is the most important component of marketing during the pandemic. Video marketing will continue to grow in the next years and decades. A business cannot survive without using video marketing. It is as invaluable as that email you keep on sending your target market.