Practically every business knows it needs customer reviews and recommendations to survive. The problem is that many of them don’t know where to begin. How do you ask for a customer review? How can you make sure such reviews will appeal to the target market? Will it impact the Lakeland business marketing? Is the impact going to be positive or negative?

More than 91% of consumers believe in customer reviews. Yes, even reviews and recommendations done by total strangers. This figure alone will tell you all you need to know about how important customer reviews are.

Make It a Part of Your Appointment/Management Programs

Are you using software to manage your appointments and schedules? Then, send an automated text or email to customers who just availed of your products or services. You can ask for a review of the products and services they availed. You should also include a link to your Google My Business listing so it is easier for them to click the link and leave a review.

Create a Google Review Link

A Google review link is the URL address that directs people to your Google My Business listing. Once there, they can leave a review of your products and services. This is the most convenient way for your customers to write a review about your business. Instead of them having to look for your Google My Business page and find the write a review button, putting a link on your email or text will be the easiest way for them to leave a glowing review about your company.

Customers will not remember to leave a review of your business once they walk out of your office or store. A gentle reminder complete with a URL link will help them with the process.

Put the Review Link on Your Business Card and Receipt

What’s at the back of your business card? Many people and businesses leave that space blank. It’s such a waste of space. Put the URL address of your Google review link there. This way, your customers or potential customers can see what others are saying about your company. Anyone can easily leave or read reviews about you.

Use an Email Template

Create an email template wherein you will put a link to your review page on the signature area of the email. Every time you email a potential customer or a supplier, they can click the link on your email to read reviews left by customers about your business. Make use of the template every time you send an email especially to your customers, so they know where to leave their reviews.

This kind of Lakeland business marketing strategy will not only show customers you value their opinions, but it will also raise awareness about your brand and how others trust it.