There used to be a time when content writers need to drown a copy in keywords. That tricks Google into thinking that you are a legitimate site. In fact, many wonderful marketers still do this, but to what expense? Lakeland business marketing, particularly content marketing, is evolving in ways that people are having a hard time keeping up. When we write stories now, we cannot just write broadly about topics. We have to write with a purpose. It’s the same principle we need to apply in business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Video Content

It has to be said again and again: more than 70% of consumers watch videos before they buy a product or subscribe to a service. If you are a buyer, you are getting information from the videos about the products you intend to buy. You can have everything you need in two to three minutes. Why waste time reading a blog that circles around the topic when you can watch videos instead?

It is so easy to create video content right now, too. You used to need thousands of dollars to create high-quality video content but today, your handy smartphone is all you need to make it easier for your messages to get across to your audience.


Seminars plus the web. That’s what webinars are. These are seminars on the web on steroids. With webinars, you can talk about anything. You can invite experts from all around the world because they simply need an internet connection to connect to your webinar. A survey said that 75% of B2B clients have participated in a webinar in 2019. That’s bound to increase as Covid-19 pushes more businesses to go digital.


If you cannot create a video about your business now, at the very least, create an audio discussion about it. Podcasts are conversations between experts and a moderator. The great thing about podcasts is that your target clients can play them while they are driving or even in the office while they work. Since there is no visual component, they will not feel the need to glance at their screens. All they need to do is play the podcasts and do whatever it is that they’re doing already.

Featured Snippets

When you search a keyword on Google, do you notice that large box that more or less shows a direct answer to your query? It is usually on top of the rest of the search engine results. That’s a coveted position for any company that wants to attract its target market.

Lakeland business marketing will be a bit tricky in 2021 and beyond. As the world of retail business changes because of the pandemic, businesses have to keep up with the shift in demands and behavior.