How well do you know your target market? Responsible Lakeland business marketing is about knowing your target market—their joys, their fears, their day-to-day lives, and their perspectives. Once you have a clear understanding of how their minds operate, as well as what triggers them, you can better craft a marketing message that speaks directly to their wants and needs.

When the coronavirus shut down businesses and crippled economies, it is only businesses with a good grasp of their market that were able to survive and thrive. Those who shifted to online stores immediately knew what their market was searching for—they want convenience and safety.

Reanalyzing Your Marketing Plan

You cannot go on with your pre-pandemic marketing plan. You have to reanalyze your priorities and reorganize your thoughts. Has your market been badly affected by the pandemic? Is your supply chain impacted? Take a step back. Breathe. And pursue a marketing plan with Covid-19 in mind.

Evaluate Your Current Images, Messages, and Tone

What materials are currently on your website and social media? It is worth noting that these images and messages may not conform to what the market currently needs now, which is assurance. They want to be assured that it is safe and convenient to buy from your physical store. They also want to be assured that your online store offers the same customer experience as your physical store does.

Don’t just pull back all your digital campaigns. Some of those may still work under these extraordinary circumstances. Can you, perhaps, edit the message but not the imagery? Both the message and images should take into account the impact of the pandemic on the business and its market. You have to be sensitive that your market may have been going through some tough times.

Make It Human

Whatever marketing campaign is in your head right now, you have to remember one thing: make it as humane as possible. Right now, millions around the world have lost their jobs. Families lost loved ones. People are sick, scared, depressed, and on the edge. The last thing they want to hear from you is a robotic response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Be human in your Lakeland business marketing during these terrible times.

Nike has a very human message during the height of the quarantine restrictions. In its ad, it said: “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” This is the kind of humane message that will bring your Lakeland business marketing campaign to a whole new level.