It has been 10 months since the pandemic upended our lives and disrupted economies. Many people have lost their lives. Many more families are still grieving. Today, brands are starting to face the hard truth: the new normal is a period of uncertainty. There is no return to the pre-pandemic times and much of the world will face an unprecedented recession; one that will be a long and difficult process. More than that, the ability of a business to succeed and survive will hinge on its capacity to adapt to Lakeland business marketing trends.

Importance of CMO

In recent years, the role of the chief marketing officer has been diminished. It has transformed into the chief digital officer and chief experience officer. Much of a business’ marketing campaigns boil down to what’s on social media. These offices barely invest in new marketing strategies; so contented are they with what the social media channels offer them.

Today, their marketing roles are more important than ever. Marketers need CMOs to pour investments into traditional and digital marketing strategies. They need these departments to understand the essentiality of their roles in the new normal.

Social Responsibility

Consumers are more informed than now. With this information comes also their ever-increasing for the brands they support to be socially responsible. They expect brands to take action on a host of different issues—ranging from climate change to social injustice. What should brands do? Consumers want them to support local and national initiatives, show support via social media, ensure diversity in leadership, make charitable donations, review hiring practices, ensure diversity in suppliers, and ask for feedback from customers.

Bracing for Changes

At the start of the pandemic, many marketers scrambled to get syrupy messages out there about togetherness. These are not the kind of messages that will prepare your business for future pandemics. What you need to focus on is developing the ability to brace for economic, political, and social challenges. Your business needs tools and policies that will make it adaptable and flexible to new norms.

e-Commerce Investments

There is no bigger shift in the retail industry than what’s happening to e-commerce. Businesses are building their own e-commerce sites one by one. Finally realizing the importance of a presence on the web, businesses are reaching out to old and new customers to inform them that they are now offering a more convenient way for them to shop. If there’s anything good the new normal will bring for the world of Lakeland business marketing, it is the normalization of digital channels as the primary point of retail.