Are you looking for new opportunities during this pandemic? Have you been seeing a lot of Lakeland business marketing strategies that are selling new products and services? When did you start hearing about these new industries and are they viable industries? Should you take the plunge?

Right now, there are still a lot of apprehensions when it comes to investments. Entrepreneurs aren’t sure if this is the right time to go into business. But they’re also noticing a lot of new and emerging industries that might prove to be pandemic-proof in the future. Sure, these are nothing new to the market, but they’ve proven themselves to be stable and unshaken throughout this whole ordeal.

Home Improvement

Consumers aren’t too willing to spend on anything except for home improvement. Because consumers are staying more at home, they’ve noticed some repairs that the home needs. This led to a surge in do-it-yourself home projects that pushed many homeowners to refinance their homes or take out a different loan for their home projects. Consumers are only too happy to open their wallets for home improvement. It makes sense, too, since it looked like people would need to stay in their homes for a while even when the vaccination program is completed.

HVAC Control

Climate change is a huge issue before the pandemic and after the pandemic. As the impact of the pandemic quiets downs, HVAC contractors are reporting a high number of orders for thermostat controllers and many more devices that aim to control the temperature inside the house. Even amid the pandemic, environmentalists and government policies will continue to impose strict regulations on climate control. Now more than ever, controlling the home’s HVAC is in order.

Pet Products

We love our pets, don’t we? We indulge them by buying gourmet dog food, organic treats, and so much more. The pandemic has actually made people love their pets more, seeing as they spent an enormous amount of time at home. There’s also a huge surge in pet adoptions. People are realizing the importance of having pets in their homes. The pandemic has made them see how wonderful it is to have furry animals running around the home.


Fitness and health will continue to be important industries. The pandemic forced people to take stock of how they eat and stay fit. Any business that has to deal with health will have a good chance of breaking through the barriers the pandemic presented. If you’ve been hearing a lot of Lakeland business marketing strategies that have to do with the health sector, it’s because health is the biggest industry right now.