Retention marketing has been around for a long time. If you think about it, the very first sellers have probably realized that selling to someone who was already your customer is far easier than convincing a new customer to buy from you. Don’t get us wrong: you need new customers. However, you also need to work double to retain your old and existing ones. That’s why it’s important to refocus your Lakeland business marketing strategies to make sure they are aligned with the same things your customers want.

Some say that retention marketing will improve a company’s profits. Just how much improvement are we talking about? A 5% increase in customer retention will lead to an increase of 95% in profits. That’s how important this is.

Onboarding and Education

Customers need to be onboarded, too. Once someone new bought from your store, that’s your chance to introduce them to your customer care program, as well as to your rewards program. Familiarize old and new customers with what your business offers.

Customer Training

Aside from your customers, you should never forget to educate your employees on how to care for customers, even annoying ones. Continuous customer training will show employees how critical it is for businesses to ensure that their customers are receiving the best care possible.

Constant Client Communication

If they bought from your business, there’s a good chance they will buy again in the future. Do not forget to greet customers during their birthdays (if you have that file with you), remind them of upcoming promotions, and ask them how they are during a pandemic, for example. Such activities will show customers how much you value their patronage.

Customer Care and Support

When customers are done with their purchases, what kind of support can they get from you? Certainly, you are still responsible for the items you sold them. This is not how other businesses feel, which is why they fail. Giving support to customers doesn’t mean you have to refund them or repair items for free. It simply means guiding them until both parties find a solution to a dilemma.

Surveys and Testimonials

Ask existing customers to leave testimonials for your brand. These attract new customers, but they also help retain existing ones. Those who have not checked out your brand for quite a while will see these testimonials and remember that they were also mightily impressed by your brand before. This alone will push them to give your brand another chance.

Retaining customers is one of the most important goals of a business. Thankfully, with Lakeland business marketing strategies in place, you’ll have a good opportunity to convince customers to stay with your brand.