How do you satisfy customers? This is the question that all companies must answer when they’re thinking about how to improve customer experience. If the customers are not satisfied, it means you didn’t study them well enough. Have you made a buyer persona? Yes? When was the last time you checked the buyer persona? Do you know that the wrong persona can adversely affect your Lakeland business marketing?

If there are no customers, you won’t have a brand. If there’s no brand, then there’s no company. And if there’s no company, then there’s no business. No business means no return on investment. It’s a never-ending cycle that starts with you not knowing who you need to market your business to.

One of the ways to establish a good business marketing strategy is to create a buyer persona. But how do you make one in these difficult times? Have the rules changed?

These are what you need to know to create a buyer persona: age, gender, income, location, and education level. This will give you an insight into how your buyers arrive at a purchase decision. Why do they buy what they buy? How much can they afford? These are the basic information you need to know as a seller. You need to know the price point of the products that your target market can afford.

Their ages will work to remind you that generations are different. While a millennial may be okay paying for a plumber to fix his kitchen sink, a baby boomer will do it himself.

However, to expand your buyer’s persona, you need to consider getting more details from your target market. These are their goals, motivations, influencers, pain points, and brand affinities. You can learn these by interviewing them in person or by phone. You can also do a survey online by sending them an email with the link to the survey form. How can you convince them to answer the survey? By incentivizing them.

These additional details will tell you about their preferences. Why will they choose your brand over another? What kind of marketing strategy and advertising material works on them? Such information will create a comprehensive buyer persona that will be the foundation of your Lakeland business marketing.

Creating a buyer persona is essential to every business because once you know the person you are selling the marketing message to, it becomes easier to zone in on the strategy that you need to employ.