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Who are we and What do we do?
Business Marketing LLC is the parent company to a large portfolio of the webs best full-service web design and internet marketing firms. Visit us out at and our premier web design and marketing site and you’ll discover why we are known throughout the industry for creating the most effective sites on the web.
No one does a better job of creating a website that captures the interest of a potential client and converts that interest in to new business.
Estimated Annual Earnings

Part Time: $38,000 – $64,000
Full Time: $75,000 – $133,000
*please note there are no maximum caps on sales representative earnings

To save you time, we’d like to share some of the key points about this position. Read these “key points” first and if interested then read the full details below.
Key points and info:
• Freedom to set your own schedule, work the hours that are best for you
• Part time or Full time, it’s up to you
• Work from home, our office, your car, local coffee shop, under an umbrella on the beach, you get the idea… it’s up to you
• Have you thought about real estate sales, but the earnings were too low and inconsistent, and the hours were bad? Not a problem with this opportunity
• Don’t want your children to be latchkey kids? No problem. Take them to school, work with us for the hours you desire, then pick them up and shift back into parent mode
• Want to earn an income that surpasses anything you ever thought possible and also provides ongoing residual income from prior sales?

If any of these items listed above sound interesting, then please read on and apply.

You can earn $50,000-$100,000 or more per year as a marketing representative on our marketing sales team!

Prior direct sales experience is a plus but truly not needed for success with our company. Our marketing system, materials and presentations do the hard work for you.

Great personality and phone etiquette will help you in catching the attention of the decision makers you’ll work with.

We are seeking motivated B2B telemarketing sales professionals to present our marketing solutions to business owners, enroll them in one of our daily online sales presentations and then follow up with them and sign them up for ongoing internet marketing.

You will be responsible for cold calling a list of businesses with the goal of inviting their marketing personnel to attend one of our daily sales presentations or viewing it on-demand. This presentation runs about 15 minutes in length and is conducted by one of our professional presenters. You don’t have to handle the presentation but will need to answer any follow questions and encourage them to sign up for our marketing program.

As an Independent Contractor (IRS 1099 worker) you are free to set your own hours and work for other companies. You are paid commissions, residuals and bonuses based on our current Independent Sales Representative plan.

The key points for you to understand:
• You must have a fairly new computer and high-speed internet/Cable/DSL connection.
• Quality headset works well to free hands up while speaking with clients.
• Up to date smart phone for communications on the go.
• You should have a clear speaking voice, be easy to understand with good oral and written communication skills.
• A professional attitude combined with a fun personality is a positive.
• There is a minimum commitment of 25 hours of work per week, but no maximum.
• The calling is strictly Business to Business. (B2B)
• You must have a suitable work environment at home free of noises such as barking dogs or family noises.
We provide:
• Training. We will train you and teach you how to succeed and prosper. You may be nervous at first, we all were, but after a few days you’ll be dialing with confidence. Ongoing training is also a key part to your success. We will keep you up to date on all our products and services, so you will speak with clients with a clear understanding and be able to answer their questions. You’ll sound like a pro because you will be. Keep in mind that we only succeed if you succeed so it’s in our best interest to make sure you are trained properly and experience great results.
• Business lists of company contact information that you will be calling and providing information of our marketing services.
• VoIP Phone Service, your own business extension and voicemail. You will be setup in our company phone system so clients may return your calls and be handled professionally. You will also use our phone service for outbound calls which are routed over your home or mobile internet connection.
• Online CRM (customer relationship management) system. This is where you will view your client prospect information, keep good notes, set call back reminders, etc.
• Company email account
• Quality marketing materials and videos
• Sales Manager to help when you need it and to keep you focused on your goals
• Professional Presenters to give presentations to your prospects. You get them interested and we help you get them signed up. And yes, the commissions are all yours.
Final thoughts and take-a-ways:
We are a solid and well-respected company. This will prove to be a wonderful opportunity if you take it seriously, work hard and have fun in the process. Most people will experience a 2-3 month ramp up period to hit their full stride. Don’t miss out on this. All of us here hope to be working with you soon.

To get started simply fill out our online Application Form and attach your resume. After reviewing your information, we will contact you to take the next step.

Thank you for considering an exciting career with BrightSky Web Design.
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