Face-to-face meetings are becoming normal again now that the government has lifted lockdown and isolation restrictions. This means that for Lakeland business marketing strategies, traditional marketing methods are going to make a comeback. What does it mean for the industry?

It only means one thing. It means that the industry itself has to mix both the traditional and modern marketing methods to embrace the opportunities that this development presents. During the height of the outbreak, many companies transitioned to digital platforms in a bid to tide over the impact of the pandemic on businesses. While these businesses transition to e-commerce platforms, so do their marketing budgets. Much of it was rerouted to digital transformation, leaving many traditional marketing methods behind.

Virtual Communities

Before the pandemic, businesses organize local and community events to build up their reputation locally. This was not possible during the height of the pandemic as events are held virtually via Zoom and Skype. Businesses easily created virtual communities, however, so it looks like these are going to stay at least. Combining the benefits of face-to-face events and virtual events will put your business on the map. As customers find solace from the threats of the coronavirus, they can rest easy knowing that they can participate in your events either in person or in virtual reality.


It doesn’t look like anything will stop e-commerce from bulldozing its way through the retail industry. The shift to e-commerce during the outbreak was not temporary. It will likely be permanent even for small businesses. The convenience that this offers will top whatever experience mortar-and-brick stores can offer. Plus, the safety of e-commerce will make it the better choice between the two.


Although in-person meetings and gatherings are now allowed in many cities and states, this is bound to be impacted by the rising cases of coronavirus again. But even though the world transitions to the new normal, webinars might just be the norm rather than the exception. Companies already discovered the cost-efficiency of webinars, which are live online conferences and presentations. These are interactive livestreamed conferences where participants can get information, ask questions, and discuss topics in real-time.

Although the world may slowly transition to the new normal, that doesn’t mean it will forget about the things it developed and discovered while in isolation. Combining the strengths of traditional and modern Lakeland business marketing strategies will boost your businesses’ chances of succeeding.