There is no denying this fact: Lakeland business marketing has changed in the past five to 10 years, but more so during the last year when companies are forced to retreat to the world wide web as a source of advertising and marketing strategies. From making cold calls to search engine marketing and search engine optimization, business-to-business marketing has never looked as different as it is now.

Digital content, SEO, SEM, and other forms of digital marketing are now the cornerstone of B2B marketing. Gone are the days when company representatives meet with clients to present a proposal and convince them to sign with their organizations. Gone are the days when the business owner will personally call clients to persuade them to choose their companies.

Today, it has never been clearer that Lakeland business marketing is as dependent on digital marketing as other industries like food and retail. Here are the trends to consider this 2021:

Retention Marketing

There is no truer than this thought: retaining customers is more profitable in the long run and cheaper than attracting new ones. Since time immemorial, retailers know that it is easier to sell to a present customer than to convince a new one to give your brand a try. According to research, a 5% increase in retention can boost one’s profits by as much as 95%. Yes, you heard that right.

Content Marketing

Brands that are committed to content marketing are more likely to survive this year. Yes, it is hard to break through the noise but there’s no better way to get your brand out there than to create the kind of content that your audience will want to see, read, and hear. Brands that commit to good content marketing are poised to rake-in the dollars as soon as the market improves.

Interactive Content

It is not only important to rank high on search engines, but it’s also equally critical for the audience to engage with you via the content on your pages. You can easily do that by posting the right content, which, among others, include quizzes, questions, infographics, fill-in-the-blank, and videos. The more of these kinds of content you post, the more your followers will like, comment, and share.


You’re not only targeting large businesses, but you also need to market to small businesses. But sometimes, because you are too busy, you barely have the time to answer an inquiry or even just a curious bystander. Chatbots will solve that problem for you. With a chatbot, you have someone to answer all the generic questions about your brand.